miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019

Ideas for Valentine's Day

enero 16, 2019 4 Comments
Hi everyone!
I hope each of you had a great year!
Today I want to give you some ideas for any occasion where you want to give a small detail, 
like chocolate, not only on Valentine's Day.
If you have bought a chocolate box maybe you can embellished the cover, as I did. 
Could not be easier!
To cover the box I measured the "face" of the cover and the sides too and I cut the whole piece.

And this looks like a card, right?
Yep! It's a card. But there is more.
What do you think about the idea of an "embedded" card to a box?
I've seen this type of chocolate bar packaging many times and it seems a very nice way to beautify a gift, but the idea of embedded card I've only seen it in a mini candy boxes that Olga Romanenko made. 
I thought it was a lovely idea and I wanted to try to do this in big size. And it's not really hard to do. 
It's more the work that takes than the difficulty. But you should have your chocolate bar 
(or whatever you want to keep inside) in front of you to take the measurements well.

So, maybe you love red or pink color but what do you think about this color palette? I used 3 scrap papers from "Cozy Winter" paper collection and this great chipboard. I thought that this heart would be too much but I loved it, this chipboard is amazing.

I've tried to choose smaller embellishments than the heart and in the same blue, cream and brown colors than the papers. I used Freetany paper flowers, my crochet flowers, die-cuts, ribbon and threads, lace...
And that's it!
I hope I've given you some idea for when you have to make a package for a gift.
Cheer up! It's nothing complicated!
See you in the next post.

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Камчатский СкрапКлуб: палитра "Наша Камчатка"

martes, 15 de enero de 2019

Round "Shine Bright" Mini Album

enero 15, 2019 2 Comments
Hello everyone!
Yep, it's still winter but... I need see the green again!
so to comfort myself I made a mini album very spring... and Shabby, of course.
Recently I have been make mini album and work with the shabby chic style or opulent at least.
 I'm still not clear how recharged work can be without it becoming too much.
The best thing is to keep practicing!

So, this is the cover of this round mini album than I mae with only one ring.
I made a flip for first page and a pocket for the second, the tag have magnetic grip.
It was funny to do this type of flip for the third page and I returned to magnet the tag for the fourth.
For the last two I made a magnetized shaket and a flip whose closing was this die cut.
And the back, of course.
I love the colors, this embossed fabric, all of die-cuts (I like all the die-cuts of Roses Skrap) and maybe not all the papers of this collection but I'm satisfied with the ones I've used.
Thanks for watching and see you soon.

With this mini album I participate in to the following challenges: 

"Det du liker best"

(In my country I haven't yet found your supplies, sorry!)

Enchanted Scrap

martes, 1 de enero de 2019

Retos/Challenges Febrero 2019

enero 01, 2019 0 Comments
*Última actualización 21.01.19*

Si no sabes cómo participar en algún reto que no sea en español puedes leer esta guía.
Otros retos actuales aquí.
Algunos retos requieren obligatoriamente materiales de una marca/empresa concreta
para poder participar, como la Galería.

Retos largos, JV/СП

8th Scrap Magia mini album "Tilda & Mr.Painter" etapa 1-2-3-4

28TH Voronezh Scrap Club "Seasons" ETAPA 1-2-3-4-5

Tarea Temática/Theme task

1st Kamchatka ScrapClub №1

1st Voronezh Scrap Club "mixed media"
Día 14 Inters, Ventas, Retos Scrap... (FB) "LO amor"

1st Rosa Talent "con amor en el corazón"

1st Viva la Vista OE
3rd Wood Chic №48

2ND More Mixed Media Challenge "Anything Goes op. blue"

4th Summer Studio OE
4th Challenge YOUrself #61

7th Voronezh Scrap Club "I ❤ cards!"

4th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club oe "chipboard, estrella, cinta/cuerda"

1st Graphic45 (FB)

6th art piaskownica ¡Ven al norte, al Ártico!

Día 3 @soydollera

10th #scrap-club ekaterinburg "Día de la marmota"

11th Art-Kladovoy OE "transparente"

7th ArtGrupa ATC "tiempo"

9th Creative-Artshop №64

3rd Enchanted Scrap "Scrapbooking + Quilling"

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10th Scrap Man "ATC-Party!"

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3rd Katrin Craft (vk) №149

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13th Scrapmir №1/19

19th Wood Chic №49

17th Fantasy №48


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*15th Kamchatka ScrapClub №2

11th Memuaris №35


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Moodboard - Inspiración/Inspiration

2nd Art Club UA "un cuento de hadas de invierno"

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