miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2020

СП "Альбом - портфель" 2 этап

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Hi everyone!

The second stage of the Lazer39 challenge is here! 

The rules:

Во 2 этапе кроме чипборда ОЭ - вырубка или высечки

So this is my work :)
I used this chipboard and some dies (bird, circles and leaves).
This is the main page: a pocket page!
And this is the "back" page.
It's the first time that I use this binding oriented in this way (instead like a book).
I'm a little scared how it will turn out. Any way.
I'm waiting for the next stage!

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2020

"I love you so mush!" card

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Hi everyone!
Today I gonna show you this card than I made for ВСК as guest designer.
I was inspired by Keren Baker cards, lovely CAS work indeed! Please, take a look!
That was my first attemp with lawn fawn stamps ("gleeful gardens").
CAS is not my cup of tea but I really love these mushrooms and this snail, so cute!
I painted the stamps with crayons (I still resist markers!!!)
I tried to make a diorama card or something like that putting the tittle on the inside 
and the rest of the stamps on the edge of the "window".

With this card I participate in the following challenges: 
#124 - Anything Goes
September 2020 challenge
Complimentary Colours
#137 - Anything Goes

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2020

LO "My lovely little star"

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Hello everyone!
Today I gonna show you my new LO with my baby!
I used "Lovely" paper collection from Scrapboys.
I think the name fits with this work perfectly.
So I used 3 different papers from the collection and some scrap pieces under the photo.
I wanted to experiment with this "star" stencil from AB Studio but without texture paste. 
Oh my! In the end I had to cover the mess with glitter.
I used some ephemeras from the collection, flowers and chipboards from Gypy Soul Laser Cut...
...and small elements like laces, beads, glitter and dots
I'm in love with my baby and this LO!

With this LO I participate in the following challenges: 
Scrapmir ОЭ - фотография
Anything about Alice is fantastic for me :)
Dostupnom skrap 

martes, 8 de septiembre de 2020

СП "Альбом - портфель" 1 этап

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Hi everyone!

The first stage of the Lazer39 challenge is here!

The rules:

1 этап у нас больше технический, чем творческий.
Будем делать переплет альбома и обложку (пока по желанию)
Вариантов переплетов множество, вы конечно, можете выбрать тот,
 который будет удобен лично вам. 
Размер альбома, количество разворотов, тематика - 
это все на ваше усмотрение! Здесь нет никаких правил)
Главное условие - ваш альбом должен быть в форме портфеля!

So this is my work :)
I'm using a buckle closure. 
I think the tips are too long but I decided to wait to have the album finished 
to see if I should shorten them.
The back will be covered with some embellishments at the end.
I'm using the "Цветочная вышивка" collection from Craft Paper.
I've been very lucky to find a fabric with the same colors!
I decided to do a stitched binding so the inside is empty right now.
And that it for now :)
I'm waiting for the next stage!

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2020

СП "Альбом - Портфель"

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Hi everyone!

This time I'm gonna participate in the Lazer39 challenge "Альбом - Портфель"

The rules:
Стартуем уже совсем скоро - 5 сентября)
Приглашаем вас, вместе с нами, создать альбом в форме портфеля!
Тема альбома и стиль на ваш выбор, здесь нет никаких ограничений.

I don't know how many stages will there be but I will post the link of my works here :)


sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2020

Fairy coins (tutorial)

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Hi everyone!
Today I gonna show you how I made these fairy coins.
I used "Artist Trading Coins" and a lot of patience to cut small elements 
of "Fairy Land" collection from ScrapBoys.
First I glued the coins to the paper that will go behind...
...and then I glued them on the paper that will be the base.
For make the frame I measured the diameter of the coin (6,35cm).
I made 3 circles equals to the coin and inside I drew another smaller circle (I've left 1cm between them).
I made the same circle on the 5mm chipboard (or cardboard)
It's only necessary to paint the edge of the circles (my fault!).
I was spend some time to cut many elements and putting them on their place.
Once it dried I just glued the rest of the elements to the edge of the circle... and that's it!
ATC coins are not my cup of tea but I 'm very proud about them!

With these ATC I participate in ATC Challenge