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Travel-book "Sea Time" (Tutorial)

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Hello everyone!
Summer will be here before you know it, so how better to celebrate it than make an album for your travels.
(Tutorial en Español aquí)
It will not be the most original idea but I assure you that this idea you'll like it, especially if you don't know Евгения Типикина's works (@evasafo). I recommend you see her works a lot!

Supplies that you will need:
-6 kraft cardstock 300 gsm/110 lb
-30'5x30'5cm (12"x12") cardboard of 1.5mm
-"Sea Time" paper collection
-A3 sheet of acetate or one pocket letter sleeve
-2 magnets, 4 eyelets and crop-a-dile, rubber band, watercolor paper, adhesive foam and kraft paper tape
-Chipboards "Travel set", "Sea Time set" and "Sailing badges"
-Cards "Sea Time - Bowline (Silver foil)"
Ephemeras "Sea Time - Expedition"
-Tools for cutting, folding, gluing and inking the edges, sewing machine, large edge punch, navy ribbon, metal corners and some embellishments like enamel dots, die cuts...

Let's start!
So first we are going to do the spine.
Use a cardstock piece of 21'7x22cm (8 1/2 "x8 11/16") and score and fold to:
Score every 1/8 " (3-4mm) too but not fold them.
I recommend doing the spine once the leaves are finished (decoration included)
but this time let's do it this way.

And now let's make the pages and the pockets.

For the pages use three cardstock pieces of 22'5x29cm (8 7/8"x11 7/16") and fold them at 14'95cm
and 15'35cm (5 7/8" and 6") so one side will be shorter than the other.

For the pockets use three pieces of 15x25'5cm (5 15/16"x10 1/16")
although I've decided to make a smaller one.
Glue the pockets to the pages in this way:
If you glue the pocket looking to he right you create an aperture through which to glue the spine.

Let's continue making two notebooks a little smaller than the pages.
Use paper sheets and two papers of "Sea Time" collection.
I'm going to use "Overland" and "Ocean friends" papers.
You can bind them as you want. I've drawn a vertical line through the center and then I've sewn that.

Now make an envelope with 30'5x30'5cm (12"x12") scrap paper.
I'm going to use the cover of the "Sea Time" collection.
I leave this image to give you an idea of ​​the shape and size.
It's important that the width of the envelope is equal or slightly smaller than the length of the spine because we are going to sew one side of the envelope to one side of the spine.
Cut a piece of watercolor paper and glue it as in the photo, on the part of the envelope that will be closed (don't glue it where it opens) and draw a vertical line just where the envelope is folded.
Once dry put the line just in the first score at the end of the spine and sew there.
We're going to do something alike with the acetate or, in my case, the pocket letter sleeve.
Glue a piece of watercolor paper to a little larger piece of cardstock (the length should be equal
to that of the spine), and sew above the line on the last score of the beginning of the spine
(the same than we've done with the envelope but turning the spine).
Glue the acetate with a glue that doesn't deform or leave marks.
If you use the acetate sheet, create a pocket by folding the sheet and glue it in the same way.
Once both ends are finished you can set the spine...
...and once it's dry you can glue the pages and decorate them.

Now we'll make the covers.
Use two cardboard pieces of 16x22'5cm (6 5/16"x8 7/8"). They're a bit bigger compared to the pages,
so if you want to take a few inches along, you can do it.
For the spine use a cardstock piece of 10'5x22'5cm (4 1/8"x8 7/8")
but if you have a piece of watercolor paper much better!
Score at 2'3cm and 8'3cm (7/8" and 3 1/4") and fold the inside every 1/8" (3-4mm)
as many times as necessary to give a cylindrical shape.

To close the Travel Book we're going to make a magnet closure.
Make a mark at 2'8cm (1 1/8") from the edge and put the magnet to trace its shape.
Use these two chipboards of "Travel Set" to make two windows and reserve the globe for the closing.
...put the magnet in its place and fix it with glue and kraft paper tape at the front and back. 
Then glue the spine outside of the covers.
Once dry use paper or fabric for the covers.
I used "Mediterranean spirit" and "Destination unknown" papers.
Make two pockets with two scrap paper of 16x22'3cm (6 5/16"x9 3/16") for the inside of the covers.
To make a double pocket sew in half the smallest pocket to the pocket that goes underneath.
Leave these two pockets apart and glue the spine.
Press hard between the pages and the margin of the spine with the help of the bond folder.
Once dry make two holes in the only two large spaces between the pages. 
Take care when you make the holes, measure the height of your notebooks to avoid mistakes.
Put the eyelets and pass the rubber band like that (starting and ending on the right):
Make a knot so that the notebooks can enter but not come out easily.
Before gluing the two pockets finish the closing.
Cut a strip of 3'5x15cm (1 3/8"x5 15/16") cardstock and put it in place
with the help of the magnet and the chipboard.
When you know where to put it score and fold from 5cm (2") henceforth but without arrive to the end.
You can cover the strip with a piece of scrap paper or whatever you've used for the covers.
Score and fold again and give it a cylindrical shape.
Sew one end of the strip to the back cover...
...and glue the other magnet on the other end to the strip
making sure that the close works without problems.
Surround the magnet with adhesive foam to level the place and to glue the chipboard.
And finally we can glue the two remaining pockets and decorate the cover.

 And this is the result!


And the video, of course!

I hope you liked it!

With this album I participate into the following challenges:
Desafío de papel con dibujos de Craftyhazelnut

jueves, 23 de mayo de 2019

Blog-Hop in Kamchatka ScrapClub (with ATC)

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Hello everyone!
Today in Kamchatka ScrapClub have an interesting BlogHop!
¡Muy buenas!
¡Hoy estamos de BlogHop en Kamchatka ScrapClub!
All the DT have prepared some questions that will introduce you to the wonderful land of Kamchatka
and a beautiful prize for you awarded by the Kronotsky State Reserve: a table calendar and a wall calendar.
Todo el DT hemos preparado algunas preguntas para que conozcas el hermoso lugar que es Kamchatka y, por supuesto, un regalito muy especial un premio otorgado por la Reserva Estatal de Kronotsky: 
un calendario de mesa y otro de pared.

Rules to participate/Reglas para participar:
- Follow the Kamchatka ScrapClub blog through the "Join" button of the side panel.
- Sigue el blog de Kamchatka ScrapClub dando click al botón de "seguir" 
que encontrarás en el panel lateral.
- Put in your blog or social media the information about our BlogHop
with a link to the main post and our banner.
- Comparte en tu red social la infomación del BlogHop, el banner y el link al "main post".
 - Visit the Kamchatka blog and each DT following the order below and leave a comment
if you want to win one or more of these ATC (you can request more than one to the same designer):
- Visita tanto el blog de Kamchatka como al resto del DT siguiendo el orden y deja un comentario 
si te interesa ganar alguno de los ATC que sorteamos (puedes pedir más de uno a la misma diseñadora):
4Myry (it's me)
If you participate from abroad, some of us make international shipments ;)
Si participas desde el extranjero, algunas de nosotras hacemos envíos fuera del país ;)
 - Write a new post on your social media with the 9 answers with the BlogHop banner to get a chance to win the main prize. Share your link in the main post.
- Escribe una entrada nueva en tu red social contestando a las 9 preguntas junto con el banner del BlogHop si quieres tener la oportunidad de ganar el premio principal. 
Ve al "main post" y comparte el link a tu publicación.
-You have until 7th June to participate.
-Tienes hasta el día 7 de Junio para participar.

So if you don't know the land of Kamchatka, like me, let me show you some pictures
of this beautiful place on earth.
Si, como yo, no conocías la tierra de Kamchatka, vamos a echar un vistazo a esta maravilla de lugar.
Viaje fotografico a Kamchatka amanecer en el volcan Kliuchevskoi con fumarola rosa
Kamchatka is a peninsula in the Russian Far East than contains, among other beauties,
the Volcanoes of Kamchatka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Kamchatka es una península situada al este de Rusia. Entre algunas de sus bellezas podemos encontrar 
los Volcanes de Kamchatka, Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO.
mejor epoca para viajar a kamchatka como llegar rusia
mar de nubes tolbachik kamchatka cono volcanico amanecer fotografia
mejor viaje fotografico a kamchatka ofertas volcan tolbachik
lago azul crater volcan gorely viaje a kamchatka en grupo

As you can see, Kamchatka boasts abundant flora and wildlife.
Immediately my attention was caught by the fauna of the place, in particular the red foxes.
Beautiful creatures indeed!
Como ves Kamchatka tiene una abundante fana y flora. 
Yo me he enamorado especialmente de los zorros rojos, ¡una preciosidad de animales!
viaje a kamchatka zorro artico rusia


So this is my ATC called "Zorro rojo" ("Red fox" in my language)
If you want one or more of these leave a comment below.
Y éste es el tema de los ATC que he hecho para vosotros.
Si te gustaría ganar uno o más déjamelo saber en los comentarios.

And if you want a chance to win the main prize this is my question for you:
Si quieres optar al premio principal, ésta es mi pregunta para ti:
Where can you find Tolbachite and Alarsite in Kamchatka?
Где на Камчатке вы можете найти Толбачит и Аларсит?
¿En qué lugar de Kamchatka puedes encontrar Tolbachita y Alarsita?

We will have a randomly chosen winners, who will receive the atc than they chose.
The results will be announced on Kamchatka blog and in the DT blogs/instagram/vk 2-3 days later.
Escogeremos a los ganadores de los ATC mediante sorteo.
Podrás ver los resultados en el blog de Kamchatcka y en las redes sociales del DT 2-3 días más tarde.

Thanks so much for participate in our BlogHop.
Good luck!
Muchas gracias por participar en nuestro BlogHop.
¡Buena suerte!