domingo, 10 de enero de 2021

Album "Memories from 1987"

enero 10, 2021 14 Comments

Hi everyone!
Today I'm gonna show you this train shape album to keep  the memories of winter
This is the most complicated shape I've binded with suede, but i got it! 
The small pieces are covered with faux leather.
I used the window to make a shaker, not just for the title
Only the front wheels turn :) so funny!
I used this train base from Velenacraft store, "Shabby winter" papers and die-cuts and "Rustic winter" 
die-cuts from Scrapmir, some chipboards from ScrapBox, BeeShabby and Просто небо, 
and a loooooot of dies from Agiart, Scrapfriend and Mimicut.

So this is the first page (second actually, the first and the last are pockets)
Super cute chipboard!
For this page I used this acetate flip as a frame
Another page... I'm in love with all these elements!
For the first time I've used this flower to keep small photos
One of the last pages I did. I wanted a triple frame and this came out
And inside I made a big pocket
Next the weirdest and simple three pages xD
And the most complicated: a circular window
And the last one!
You can see all the structures in the video while I'm putting the photos in place!
My memories of the past winter years will be well guarded!

With this album I participate in the following challenges: