lunes, 19 de octubre de 2020

Pumpkin notebook

octubre 19, 2020 2 Comments
 Hi everyone!
Today I gonna show you this notebook than I made with embossing technique with suede.
Maybe you've heard of this technique or used it before but for me it has been the discovery of the year! 
I used the Jack-O-Lantern Mini Album and a piece of thin suede of an indescribable pumpkin color.
You can see the tutorial here.
There are my handmade pumpkin shaped turquoise paper sheets on the inside.
I really liked this technique!
I'm still very slow but I think this type of work will be better with more practice.

With this notebook I participate in the following challenges: 

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2020

miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2020

СП "Альбом - портфель" 5 этап

octubre 07, 2020 0 Comments

 Hi everyone!

The fifth stage of the Lazer39 challenge is here! 

The rules:

Обязательными элементами на этом этапе у нас являются чипборд и топпинги. 
Это могут быть пайетки, бусины, бисер, камушки, глиттер.

So this is my work :)
This time I'd very little space to work on the cover so I decided to keep it simple!
I've used some pieces of this chipboard set for the inside 
so I used another one for the cover, lovely butterfly!
And some sequins and stones too.
Quite simple indeed but I love it so much!
So this will be the last stage?
I'll find out soon!