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Retos/Challenges Abril 2018

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Día 15 ScrapHouse Zaragoza "Marcapáginas"

1st Art Land
1st Chaika #2
1st More Mixed Media Challenge "Anything Goes + optional Green"

2nd PzS №46

4th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club

5th Businok

Día 1 Colouring in Scrapland "Todo Vale"

5th Viva la Vista

6th art piaskownica

4th Challenge YOUrself #51
*Día 2 Pomba Mensaxeira

7th Addicted to Stamps #162
6th scrappe lyst "Colours" *8th Vintage Made For You #72 9th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club "Alter-scrap with love!"
12th art piaskownica 10th Button Craft "Mini" 3rd Club dnepr №152 13th The Secret of Inspiration

14th MCK

15th ATC Challenge

Día 12 Piensa Scrap
"LO en bastidor"

14th Paper Story

14th Scrap dreams #3

15th The World of Inspiration

1st Artistic Inspirations Challenge #196

15th Internitka

20th Lady Bug №5

Día 19 Mix Mediando un poquito

5th Scrap Master

16th Create Learn Love #63

22th Chaika LO #3

2nd Deep Ocean Challenge #177

11th DL.ART #225

2nd I Love Promarkers #355

11th TDZ #28

19th Wood Craft

*24th art piaskownica

7th Crafty Cardmakers #208

9th Creative-Artshop №45

24th Creative-Artshop №46

25th ECO Paper

25th Shabby Chic

25th Scrap Magia

24th Summer Studio

24th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club №35

17th Club dnepr №153

26th Scrap Fresh

28th Voronezh Scrap Club

30th Altered Eclectics

14th A Bit More Time To Craft #65

28th A Bit More Time To Craft EXTRA

30th Country view challenges

28th Crazy-Lab

30th Craftyhazelnut's Patterned Paper

30th DL.ART #226

Día 30 Fábrica de artesanía 31º

26th Kreativ scrapping #4

8th Klub Tworczych Mam

30th kraft+plus

5th Klub Tworczych Mam

15th Klub Tworczych Mam

25th Klub Tworczych Mam

30th Love to Scrap #108

30th Mixed Media World

29th Rhedd's Creative Spirit

30th Scrap the boys

30th Sheepski Designs Challenges #13

30th SanDee&amelie's

28th Scrap dreams

30th Scrapbookit

Día 25 Scrap, 12 pasos para no parar

25th Sweet Club Card #92

25th Simply Magnolia #4

30th The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #4

30th Wyzwania nie-kartkowe #4

26th Wood Heart #15

20th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club

15th Incy Wincy Designs "Nature and All Of It's Beauty"

30th Mini Albums Makers

30th art piaskownica

15th Artistic Inspirations Challenge #197

30th Create Learn Love #64

28th Crazy-Lab

28th Crazy-Lab

22th Challenge-km

22th Challenge-km №129

15th Double D Challenges

*Día 30 Entre Chocolate y Scrap

30th Enchanted Scrap

Día 27 FSN 1ª quincena

16th I Love Promarkers #356

*Día 29 In the Scrap

*30th Scrapki Wyzwaniowo 1 reveal

10th Wood Craft

Día 27 Latinas Arts & Crafts #73

Día 30? Retos Mixed Media

*30th scrappe lyst

28th Crafty Calendar "Buttons/And Or Bows"

30th Memuaris

30th Snip Art #38

Día 27 Locas por el Scrap "Animales"

30th Noor Design "Flowers"

10th #scrap-club ekaterinburg

14th Scrapcraft

15th Skrap Volshebnitsa

15th IzBaYagi

30th Scrapcraft

25th #scrap-club ekaterinburg

27th IzBaYagi

22th Crafty Cardmakers #209

Día 27 FSN 2ª quincena "Círculos"

*24th Divnye Shtuchki

29th Artistic Inspirations Challenge #198

29th Incy Wincy Designs

29th Double D Challenges

30th I Love Promarkers #357

30th More than Words


1st Kamchatka ScrapClub

1st The World of Inspiration
10th Mistress Owl #16 9th Summer Studio #42

1st Jot magazine

14th Mixed Media and Art

10th Scrap Theraphy

15th Words Paintery

19th Mixed Media Place

20th Button Craft

15th Scrap Tovary

16th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club

27th Businok

30th Butterfly Reflections Ink

30th Internitka

Día 27 Locas por el Scrap

30th Mixed Media Warriors #27

30th Paper Story

30th Off the Rails Scrapbooking

30th Scrap the girls

30th The Scrapsisters

15th Happy Bunny

30th Zhazhda Tvorchestva

15th ECO Paper


12th Cute Cut №13

1st ECO Paper

12th Wood Heart #15
14th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club №35

19th Zhazhda Tvorchestva

20th PzS

25th Mistress Owl #26

23th Memuaris №45

30th Anna's Craft Cupboard

30th Creative scrappers

30th Let's Get Sketchy

30th Noor Design (nl)

30th Stick it Down

30th Stick it Down

30th Stick it Down

30th Scrapping Clearly

26th Scrap Theraphy

30th White...with 1

30th Button Craft

Día 28 Scrapeando en Chile #63

30th? Noor Design (nl)


*1st Happy Bunny

2nd Create Learn Love #62

7th ArtGrupa ATC
10th Chaika

1st Challenge-km №128

15th Create Dream

15th Scrap Magia

12th B.U. №40

1st Double D Challenges

20th Vintage Cafe Card Challenge

25th ATC Challenge

24th Cute Cut №23

12th Enchanted Scrap

30th ARTastic

30th C.S.I. No.251

30th MCK №39

30th More than Words

15th Scrap our Stash

29th Archi-scraps

26th Scrap Master

30th C.S.I. No.252

(puedes estar obligado a usar sus materiales)

5th Rubber Dance

4th The Creative Studio

2nd Voronezh Scrap Club
5th Chipboard Azhur

1st Mr. Painter "ATC"

6th Voronezh Scrap Club

8th Scrap Man "Bright Easter"
11th Leo MAMMY

6th Scrapmir #3

14th Dekograd

15th Fantasy №41
5th Filigranki #32

8th IAR

18th MFT

15th Scrap Man

16th Voronezh Scrap Club

10th Wood Chic №34

20th Art Studya

20th Chipboard Azhur
1st lawn FAWNATICS #25

3rd Marianne Design #198

10th MFT #90

1st Scrapy Land #86

22th Scrap Man

30th 7Dots Studio

30th Accent Scrapbooking

30th a2z Scrapbooking

30th Altenew

30th Agiart 2Gallery"

30th Art Studya "Gallery"

30th Creative Embellishments

30th Cuts2luv

30th Emerald Creek "Spring has Sprung?!"

30th Fantasy "Gallery"

30th Freetany Flowers

30th Freetany Flowers "Gallery"

29th HLS

Día 30 Kora Projects

30th Lindy's Stamp Gang

29th Lime Citron

30th MHK Designs

29th Memory Box Challenge #36

30th Mr. Painter "Gallery"

28th Poppy #43

27th Paper Smooches

30th Rubber Dance

30th Scrap Box

30th Viva Las Vegastamps

30th The Rubber Buggy

30th Wood Chic "Gallery"

25th Wood Chic №35

Día 25 Anita y su Mundo

30th Dekograd

30th? Fabrica Dekoru

30th Fabrica Dekoru "Gallery"

29th HLS

Día 30 Latina Crafter #81

15th lawn FAWNATICS #26

30th Lady Bug "Gallery"

20th Maja Design

10th MFT #379

15th Scrapy Land #87

30th Scrap Man

30th Bee Shabby

30th Chipboard Azhur "Gallery"

29th HLS

30th Graphic45 #G45Upcycle

15th Scrap-chip

30th Bee Shabby "Gallery"

29th HLS

30th Kaisercraft

26th Mona Design

27th Studio75 #3

26th 13@RTS #65

25th ego CRAFT #17

29th HLS

18th Marianne Design #199

29th HLS

29th HLS

30th Lemoncraft #6

25th MFT #91

30th Rosa Talent

30th Rosa Talent "Gallery"

29th Scrapy Land #88