viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

A different Frame

julio 26, 2019 4 Comments
Hello everyone!
Today is DIY's day!
I propose to do something different than usual with these wooden letters: its size gives for much!
(Tutorial en Español aquí)

You will need:
-2 alike letters. I'm going to use two M and two D to 30cm in height to make two frames
-supplies for cut, measure and write
-drill and 8mm tip
-mini hand drill and 3mm bur tip
 - sanding paper

Do not panic! Takes work but is very easy to do.
Let's start!

So first you need to draw two holes behind one of the two letters for can hang our frame on the wall,
in my case I'll draw the holes in one M and one D. The diametre of the holes need to be a little more big than the diameter of the nail head that we're going to use. I've made the marks to 6cm with a circle of 8mm in diameter and a straight line upwards of 5mm (1'3cm in total).

Avoid areas very close to edges or fragile structure parts when you are going to draw the holes.
I've used a support with a hole that matches the hole of my letter,
thus when I drilling there will be no obstacle to descend.
First make the circle...

... and make the straight line with the bur tip.

This takes some work and it's necessary to be careful. If you haven't practice go very slowly
or ask someone to help you. Once the line is made you can use the same tip to polish the edges
and then the sandpaper to fine-tune the details.
Make an structure with cardboard to superimpose the letters. I used the cardboard of the packaging. However, depending on what you are going to do, I recommend that you use something like balsa wood.

Do not forget to cover the holes after gluing letter in letter!

If you want to make a shelf you can make a board that goes from end to end.
And that's it!
For decor I used some photos, synthetic paint, flowers of the same colors, metal elements
and this gear set from Kora Projects.
The first thing I thought when I saw these letters was doing bookends. In the store you can find
two models: one of 10cm and this one of 30cm in height. I thought the big one will be perfect
because in my head those 30cm turned into 20cm. Don't ask how. When I saw the size of the letters was... well... The most ridiculous thing is that before ordering them I'd checked the measure with the meter!
So after a loooot of thinking I decided to make a different frame and this is the result.
Thanks to our DT Hilda who always encourages me to continue attempt to do mixed media projects.
And also the future owner of these two frames, which made me work with colors that it's not my cup of tea!
So I can only say: cheers! Do not despair when your project failure. Think and look for alternatives.
Go for it anyway!
Have a good summer!

With this project I participate into the following challenges:

ScrapMagia oe Маска\Трафарет + Акриловые краски


martes, 16 de julio de 2019

Volkswagen Combi Album "Travel" (tutorial)

julio 16, 2019 17 Comments
Hello everyone!
Today I gonna show you this biiiggggg album than I made for this summer memories xD
I prepared a tutorial to make this album for the Velenacraft store which you can find on their Facebook or instagram account (only in Spanish unfortunately)
So, yes, so big indeed!
I mean... I think this is the bigest Volkswagen Combi base from ScrapBox.
I used more chipboards from them, the "Summer" collection from Scrapmir and dies from MiMiCut too.
I still think it was a bad idea to use fabric instead paper for the cover 
(the corners were really complicated to sew!!!)
What I liked the most was the closing :)
I bought some rings of 5cm but I couldn't use them and I had to use ribbons ;(
So for the first page I made a frame and a flip page with a shaker for the second.
For the third and forth I made more flips but with a little envelopes and frames.
The fifth page was a little diferent from the others and for the sixth I used a piece of transparent reflective sheet. My husband took it from an LCD screen, what a revelation! 
Now I just want to dismantle screens xD
I made a big pocket for the seventh page and another flip page for the octave.
And for the last two: a flip -pocket and these little flip-frames.
And the video, of course!
I hope you liked it!

With this album I participate into the following challenges:
Utfordring for juli - alt er lov
BCK Quest "Tropics" OE экзотические фрукты, растения, цветы, животные/птицы
ScrapBox ОЭ чемодан, птица, прозрачное, надписЬ

viernes, 12 de julio de 2019

Mini album "Sea Time"

julio 12, 2019 18 Comments
Hello everyone!
Today I gonna show you my first mini album with pop-up elements!

It's a bit small (14x20cm) and I'm not sure about the binding than I used but anyway.
So blue is the predominant color in all its shades.
Not only I used marine papers but also some papers and ephemera elements form baby collection. 
As you can see I've make summer scenes: from the sky to the sea bottom.
I could mix elements, textures, chipboards and stencils, combine different collections about different topic... 
It was fun to experience. So Imaginatively!
Have a good summer!