miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2020

СП "Альбом - портфель" 4 этап

septiembre 30, 2020 0 Comments

 Hi everyone!

The forth stage of the Lazer39 challenge is here! 

The rules:

ОЭ этого этапа - чипборд и текстиль. В качестве текстиле
предлагаем вам использовать ткань, кружево, ленты, тесьму,
вязаные изделия...на ваш выбор.

So this is my work :)
I decided to put lace and trim on the edge of the pages 
and use little bits on the pages as a embellishment.
...and small chipbopard flowers and stars in this one.
I've continued to use vintage images printed on acetate too!
I'm waiting for the next stage!

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2020

СП "Альбом - портфель" 3 этап

septiembre 22, 2020 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

The third stage of the Lazer39 challenge is here! 

The rules:

Во втором развороте у нас ОЭ - это чипборд и что то
прозрачное. Это может быть калька, пленка, ацетатный лист,
прозрачные кабашоны, бусины...

So this is my work :)
I used these chipboards and some stamps, pink embossing powder and tracing paper.
I've already sewn all the pages to the spine so I've tried to take advantage 
of the sheets adjacent to the pages.
I've also used an envelope and some tracing paper pictures for decorate both pages.
I've loved to use the tracing paper! 
And my vintage pictures collection was increase a lot too!
I'm waiting for the next stage!

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2020

"Pink & White" album

septiembre 19, 2020 8 Comments
Hello everyone!
Today I gonna show you this shabby album for keep wedding memories!
I used "Dream Garden" paper collection from Scrapboys
this is my favourite Scrapboys paper collection indeed! 
Absolutly beautiful!
I used these "Rose Quartz" flowers from Prima Marketing, 
beautiful as usual and chipboards from Kora Projects.
I'm in love with this ribbon from Kora Projects too, so silky!
I embelleshed the spine with this border from de collection.
My best cover, I think!
So this is the first page...
with a pocket...
and with this flip and a big frame.
This page was going to be the second but I was wrong when I made the spine, 
so to not lose it I joined it to the first page. I still cry in frustration!
Anyway. This is the page of frames!
The second page with more frames...
this big pocket for a booklets...
and a small and super cute shaker.
The third page or the most worst page!
I only made one frame an a super simple flip.
And the last page with two magnet clousures.
I prepared a video for you too!
I hope you like this album!

With this Album I participate in SnipArt challenge: