viernes, 25 de enero de 2019

JV "Seasons" 1 stage: Winter

enero 25, 2019 8 Comments
Hello, everyone!
This is my first JV of the year.
We see how it all went :)
I've decided to make a travel mini album with the photos than we made during the holidays as a child
We traveled the year around so sure I can make all the seasons!
The theme of the fisrt stage is "Winter" and we have to choose 2 of these elements: something clear 
(like drops, tracing paper, acetate...), snowflakes, notes, brooches or lace.
I choosed something clear (crystal drops) and snowflakes.
I also decided to use the Graphic45 "Time to Flourish" paper collection and recycle kraft sheets 
from a blank album. I think it's very appropriate with the task.

And that's how the first two pages were!

I made an accordion flip and a circle frame for the first page.

And a simple flip closed by clear turn mount for the second page.
Really simple but I like this so much.
Thanks for reading ^_^

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2019

Retos/Challenges Marzo 2019

enero 23, 2019 0 Comments
*Última actualización 20.02.19*

Si no sabes cómo participar en algún reto que no sea en español puedes leer esta guía.
Otros retos actuales aquí.
Algunos retos requieren obligatoriamente materiales de una marca/empresa concreta
para poder participar, como la Galería.

Retos largos, JV/СП

31th Bee Shabby "Album with Yulia Kuznetsova" etapa 1-2-3-4

3rd? Button Craft "Atmósfera de vacaciones" etapa 1-2-3-4

6th? PzS "Cosas de mujeres" etapa 1-2-3

21th Enchanted Scrap "Spring. Awakening 2" etapa 1-2-3

9th I love Scrap "ScrapAlbum"etapa 1-2-3-4-5

22th? Zhazhda Tvorchestva "¡No solo una postal!" etapa 1-2-3-4

Tarea Temática/Theme task

*Día 1 @papeldelunares "encuadernación fastener"

1st Kamchatka ScrapClub №3

1st MiAscrap oe "Te hablo con mi alma..."

1st Viva la Vista

2nd Art Club UA OE "LOVE"

28th Crafty Calendar "Add Texture and Ribbon"

1st Voronezh Scrap Club "steampunk"

1st Wood Heart oe #25

2ND Artistic Inspirations Challenge #212

1st Graphic45 (FB)

5th More Mixed Media Challenge "Anything Goes + optional Red"

3rd Studio75 #1

4th Summer Studio oe "Men's World"

4th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club oe "chipboard, engranajes, alas"

2nd PzS №63

5th Lazer39 OE

Día 3 @soydollera "Sentimiento y emociones"

4th Challenge YOUrself #62

5th ScrapStamping "fondo desde zero"

7th Voronezh Scrap Club "Cuero con estilo"

11th Art-Kladovoy OE

9th Creative-Artshop OE №66

10th #scrap-club ekaterinburg oe

7th ArtGrupa ATC "futurismo"

9th Addicted to Stamps #171

10th Button Craft "cofres"

5th Enchanted Scrap "Plotter: primavera"

10th Internitka OE №2

11h Memuaris #3

14th Fantasy №49

13th @nomadicsouldiaries

2nd Art Club UA OE "love"

5th Filigranki #43

8th IAR "Anything Goes"

15th Kamchatka ScrapClub №4

3rd Katrin Craft (vk) №151

Día 11 Piensa Scrap (FB) "Amor"

5th ScrapKrim oe "power"

14th Scrap Man "Anything Goes with dies"

11th The Secret of Inspiration "Cards + OE embossing & lace"

10th The Studio Challenges "Scraplift"

15th Voronezh Scrap Club OE

15th IzBaYagi "agujas"

15th Scrap-Chip OE "¡¡Ánimo!!"

1st TDZ "Scraplift"

13th Scrapmir #2

15th Saratov Scrapclub OE


3rd The Creative Studio

12th art piaskownica

6th scrappe lyst "Paleta a elegir"


14th Yaroslavl Scrap-Club №46

Moodboard - Inspiration

2nd Archi-scraps "degradado"

5th Happy Bunny

4th Zhazhda Tvorchestva

8th Scrap Man

15th Scrap Magia

10th Enchanted Scrap

15th MiAscrap "para él"