sábado, 24 de abril de 2021

Soft & pink Shabby Album

abril 24, 2021 16 Comments
Hi everyone!
Today I'm gonna show you this shabby album to keep the photo memories!
I've used the collection "Beautiful memories" from Scrapmir, so pink and shabby!!
I made a shaker for the cover
These are pages nº 1 and 2
A big frame for the first page
And inside a big pocket for keep photos, cards...
A shaker closure for the second page
Third and fourth pages

I made this fabric pocket for keep more photos, cards...
And fifth and sixth pages
Another fabric pocket
And the back cover as well
I prepared a video for you too!
I still don't know what photos I'm going to keep but ;_;
I'll try to do more shabby projects like this!!

With this album I participate in the following challenges:
Здесь, в Испании, по-прежнему холодно, но миндальные деревья цветут красивым розовым цветом. Меня вдохновил этот мягкий мудборд: нежные розовые цветы, птичка.
Люблю нежную и нежную весну!
Ткань - люверс - Цветок