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Baby Crib / Детскую кроватку (Tutorial)

diciembre 07, 2019 0 Comments
It's Myry again with this simple idea for you.
Today I gonna show you how to make this cute baby crib following these easy steps.
Это снова Myry с этой простой идеей для вас.
Сегодня я покажу вам, как сделать эту милую детскую кроватку, следуя этим простым шагам.
1. Cut this free template using 300gr cardstock.
 1. Вырежьте бесплатный шаблон используя 300-граммовый картон.
2. Cut again using scrap paper. I used only one but you can use two different papers, 
one for the inside and one for the outside. Ink the edges with a gentle color. 
I used this color to give it a antique-effect touch.
2. Вырежьте еще один экземпляр по шаблону из скрап бумаги. Я использовала только одну, 
но вы можете использовать две разные бумаги, одну для внутренней и одну для внешней. 
Чернила края с нежным цветом. Я использовала этот цвет, чтобы придать ему античный эффект.
3. Glue the scrap pieces to their equivalent cardstock pieces. 
Then start assembling all the pieces in their place.
3. Приклейте детали из бумаги и картона вместе. Начните собирать все части  в одно целое.
4. Make a cushion, blanket and a pillow with fabric and filling material.
4. Сделайте подушку, одеяло и подушку из ткани и наполнителя.
5. Use different embellishments for decoration: die cuts, pearls, chipboards and, of course, 
these delicate flowers of Freetany Flowers:
5. Для украшения используйте разные украшения: высечки, жемчуг, древесно-стружечные плиты и, конечно, эти нежные цветы из цветов Freetany Flowers:
And that was the result!
I hope this simple but cute project will serve as an inspiration for your future projects.
У нас получилось замечательное украшение. Я надеюсь, что этот простой, но милый проект послужит вдохновением для ваших будущих проектов
Еще раз посмотрим на кроватку со всех сторон
Thanks so much for let me participate with all of you.
Большое спасибо за предоставленную мне возможность участвовать со всеми вами.

This tutorial was made for Freetany Flowers

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2019

Mini album "Winter Day"

noviembre 15, 2019 4 Comments
Hi everyone!
I wish you a winter by the fire because cold is here!
I don't know how it will be in your country but here it's very windy, it rains a lot... it's cold.
I used a few supplies for this mini album: "Little Red Robin" Dovecraft paper collection, some die-cuts by Roses SkapСкрапбукинг, рукоделие, this gorgeous lace...
...and spray ink and stencils from Ab studio.
A little video about this flip, of course.
To make this mini album I followed the tutorial by Elena Morgun
If you like, please check out her store❤️

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miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2019

Mini album "Blue Submarine" (Tutorial)

agosto 21, 2019 0 Comments
Hello everyone!
Summer still hasn't gone so you take advantage!
Today I'm going a show you how to make a super mini album
with only three scrap papers and a lot of imagination.
(Tutorial en Español aquí)
Supplies that you will need:
-4 white cardstock pieces of 2 15/16"x3 3/4"
-"Sea Time" back cover
-"Comunión Niño - Buen viaje"
-"Sea Time - Ocean friends"
-Ephemeras "Sea Time - Expedition"
-Chipboards "Background Fishes", "Lighthouse" and "Sailing badges"
-Black marker, acrylic paint (black, white, yellow and blue) and gold metallic paint
-Acetate, glitter and sequin for shakers
-Tools for cutting, gluing and inking the edges, 3 eyelets and hole punch, corner punch, one ring, some embellishments like enamel dots, die cuts, flowers, doilies...

Let's start!
First step is to draw the submarine. After that you should make 3 layers (or more): cover, middle page and back cover. Then draw the picture on the cardboard and the scrap paper and cut them. You need 9 cardboard circles of 1 3/8" diameter too. Remove the inside of 6 of them leaving a edge of 3/16". Make 3 scrap paper circles and keep the inside.
After that inked and/or painted the edges.
Before decor make a hole in all the pieces to place the ring and embellishments without problems.
Put the white cardstock pieces on the scrap paper. I've used only 4 but you can make flips, waterfalls...
Use the paints to decorate the white cardstock. You can also use stencils, stamps... And a little trick for you: cut some cardboard pieces of 2mm with the same size as white cardstock and glue them below to give volume. Play with the embellishments making layers too. I don't recommend using foamy or anything less hard than cardboard.
Now make 3 portlights shakers.
Cut a little piece of acetate that covers the paper circle and glue it below.
Glue 3 cardboard circles one on top of the other and cover the base with the inside of the scrap paper circle that you keep. Once dry add glitter, sequins... and glue the circle with acetate to close the shaker. The more circles you have the more space you have for embellishments.
Make some details with the black marker that stand out the submarine. I've used golden paint, pearls and some other embellishments to finish the decor.
When you finish all the scrap pieces glue them to the cardboard, then put the eyelets and insert them in the ring, you can also use ribbon too.
I'm so wishy-washy but you can use something like a tassel for embellishment the ring.
And that's it!
An easy peasy mini album!
I hope you liked this idea for your summer photos. 
See you in the fall!

miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2019

Bee Layout

agosto 07, 2019 8 Comments
Hello everyone!
Little time is left for summer's end and holidays... in other words: back to work!
Although there are some small creatures that still work right now: bees!
And, as the saying spanish goes: "By San Miguel (29th September), the beehive filled with honey"
The fall still is not here but I wanted to anticipate with this LO to pay tribute to our friendly bees.
Kora Projects has designed a new chipboards, one of my favorites is this beautiful bee, how beautifull looks with this photo by Marjan Smeijsters.
And these little flowers, pearls and micro beans...
I love living in the countryside but bugs gives me the heebie-jeebies, whole dilemma! 
However bees have something special, maybe because I live in land of beehives. 
Have a good summer end!
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