martes, 5 de febrero de 2019

Lace Storage Book (Книга кружев)

Hello, everyone!
I'm sure that more than one has at least a dozen meters (or yards) of all kinds of ribbons, string, lace... 
The question is "how do to keep all this?"
I was looking for a solution when I found a kind of book or mini album (maybe?) 
and I thought it was one of the best options to store my lace.
So I decided to make test one for my handmade laces.
I used this old sweater piece to cover the structure. I think it looks soft and comfortable.
I cut some paperclips from different watercolor paper collection.
I tried to make a transition from Shabby chic to Boho-chic using some strong colors
I thought that the reference to Matthew would be very appropriate in this case.
To keep the laces I used the classic spine binding.
This is the inside. 
I keep the small pieces in transparent bags.
I take advantage of the sweater buttoned part for the back.
I think this is lovely in one way.
 This is my first attempt so what do you think?
I still have many laces to keep, so if I see that it works I'll do more!
Thanks for watching again!

With this project I participate in to the following challenges: 

Inspiration painting, "Trees", by Grace Cossington Smith for ARTastic Challenge

6 comentarios:

  1. Wow what a very clever little book to keep your lace in.
    Thank you for joining us at ARTastic this month x

    1. Thanks so much, Tanya! And thanks for the inspiration challenge, so exotic.

  2. What a great idea, such a gorgeous little lace holder. Thanks for joining in at ARTastic this month!